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Raingutter Regatta

The raingutter regatta is a racing event for Cub Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America that is the sailboat equivalent of the pinewood derby. Boats can be made from various materials depending on the event. Within the basic design rules, Scouts are free to paint and decorate their sailboats as they choose. Modifications for speed include the placement of the keel and rudder and the size, shape and location of the sail. A catamaran is an exceptionally fast design, although this modification is not allowed in all races.

Event Format: 

  • Races will be conducted in two raingutter regatta races ways filled with water. 
  • Participants will race with other Scouts. Sibling races will be held as time permits.
  • The competition will be run as a double elimination tournament (at a minimum).

Boat Specifications:

  • Each scout will make their boat using the supplies provided by the Pack with the help of parent as needed.
  • The pool noodle half will be X inches long.
  • The sail, made of foam board, will be attached using a wooden skewer.
  • The sail may be decorated as desired by the scout.
  • A rudder may be used as desired by the scout.
  • Scouts must mark their boats with their name or other identifying mark.
  • The boats will be kept in the “marina” until racetime.
  • The scouts may handle their own boat. 


  • The race begins once the official starter has placed the competing boats against the back wall of the gutter and commands the Scouts to “GO!” 
  • A dowel will serve to hold the boats in starting position.
  • On the starter’s command, the dowel will be lifted and the Scouts will blow into the sail of their boat via a straw  in order to advance them through the water. The boat can only be propelled by blowing into the sail. 
  • If a boat capsizes or becomes stuck, the participant may only correct the issue by blowing (they cannot touch the boat unless instructed by the race official).
  • Once the race is started, the boat may not be touched, unless instructed by the race official. 
  • The first boat to impact the end of the Raingutter with its nose will be considered the winner of that heat. The finish line official will have the final and ONLY say in determining the winner of that heat. If the fish line official determines the race to have finished in a tie, that heat will be immediately re-run. 
  • If a boat becomes damaged, and upon the officials permission, the Scout may be allotted a short span of time to make (reasonable) repair to the boat before the next race. Time will be determined by the race official ONLY. 
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct WILL NOT be tolerated from any participant or SPECTATOR and will be grounds for expulsion from the competition and/or race area.
  • All decisions by race officials are FINAL. Remember this is a friendly sporting competition.

Rewards and Recognition: 

Fair Play and Fun are the main objectives for the Scouts and all to enjoy. The most important values in Raingutter Regatta competition are parent/scout participation, good sportsmanship and learning how to follow rules. 

Awards are be given for the First, Second and Third place finishers in each age group.

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