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This page will provide you with all the information you need to know to get started on scoutbook.

What is Scoutbook?

Scoutbook is a tool the pack is using to simplify calendaring, communication, and help track and report your scout’s advancement.

You can find an intro video here:

A good (unofficial) getting started video for parents can be found here:

How can I get an account on Scoutbook?

Shortly after you sign your son up for scouting, they will be setup in scoutbook and assigned to their new den. Because of their age, we do not give them accounts, however we do attach adult logins (not just for parents) to the account. If you have provided your information at signup, you should receive an email shortly inviting you to join scoutbook. Follow the link and provide the required information to get started!

If you haven’t received this email or need additional help, please contact us at this link.


What can I do with scoutbook?

We are now using scoutbook as a tool for the pack to provide:

  1. Calendaring
  2. Email broadcast (pack and den level)
  3. Den forums to communicate among parents.
  4. A place to check on the status of your scout’s achievements
  5. A place to report achievements done at home


One of the more difficult things as a busy parent is keeping up with all of the events your son has coming up. Scoutbook helps make this easy. In addition to reminder emails, you can login to view the pack calendar of upcoming events. You can get to the calendar from your “Dashboard”. This link should also take you there if you’re having trouble finding it:

Additionally, you can subscribe to these calendars by clicking on the subscribe button. It will bring up a page with a helpful link you can add to Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and/or most smart phones.


Scoutbook makes it easy to understand your son’s progress as well as report achievements they have done at home. If you haven’t watched it already, this intro video should help you understand this process better.

But I don’t want to have an account on scoutbook!

Should you choose not to sign up, you will continue to get calendaring notifications about upcoming den and pack events for your scout. You will not, however be able to track their advancement online or report advancement done at home through this tool.


Please feel free to contact us with any further questions!

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